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Julson's Bermuda (Muda) making a water retrieve


Shadow with her litter


Pretty new SM


Tom McDonald, President of the Breed Council for the SMCNA Pete Eising, International Officer and KIM International representative for the SMCNA Jim Julson
Pheasant hunting at the Julson's

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Our Breeding Program Philosophy

The encompassing philosophy which guide our breeding program is the enhancement of the Small Munsterlander Pointer Breed. By combining existing USA Small Munsterlander lines and European Foundation lines we can strengthen the gene pool as a whole while producing progeny second to none.

Our breeding program philosophy

The Small Munsterlander Pointers bred and raised in the USA, although a relatively new addition to this country’s versatile dog lineup, are truly top notch hunting and companion dogs. However, due to the breed’s low population in the USA the ability to crossbreed and enhance the breed’s attributes is very limited.

Our goal is to expand the Small Munsterlander gene pool within the USA through a multi-pronged approach of importing, from Continental Europe, proven stud dogs, bringing in puppies from proven lineage, and using artificial insemination with semen from proven sires. The Small Munsterlander originated in Europe and has been bred and tested there, with the purpose of refining the breed, for decades. The number of dogs in their breeding program and the data base of records available on each line and dog is immense.

We are working with Tom McDonald, who imported his first SM in 1971 and has been a member of the German Small Munsterlander Club for decades. Tom is constantly studying the German Club’s breeding results and has made several trips to Germany to observe their dogs and develop personal relationships with their breeders. Pete Eising has been instrumental in coordinating semen collection and the transportation of puppies from Germany to the USA. We are excited and privileged to have Tom’s and Pete's valued input and assistance into our breeding program.




Adam, Dan & Ben socializing Shadow's pups


Adam and Jim after exposing pups to water



Shadow introducing her pup to water



First exposure to pigeons

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Our Commitment to Our Buyers

All dogs have been approved for breeding by the Breed Council of the Small Munsterlander Club of North America (SMCNA). The purpose of this is to insure that our dogs meet the club's breeding guidelines. We support the clubs goal of providing an unbiased third party evaluation of the dogs. To learn more about Small Munsterlander Club, check out the Club’s web site at

We guarantee you a sound healthy puppy whose dew claws have been removed, and who has received its first vaccination (DHPPL). I will provide you a record of the date and type of vaccination the pup has received along with a schedule , you can give to your vet, for competing the vaccinations. You will also receive contact information for our veterinarian, so you or your vet can contact them with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the vaccinations or general health of the pup.. I will provide you with two books: 1) NAVHDA Training and Care of the Versatile Hunting Dog and 2) NAVHDA Rules, Aims, and Programs. These books will aid you in taking care of and training your new pup as well as describe the testing and purpose of NAVHDA. I will also register the litter with the SMCNA and NAVHDA and you will receive a 1 year complementary membership in the SMCNA.

Health Guarantee: We have had no genetic concerns to date and certainly don’t anticipate any in the future. However, mother nature has the final say and all precautions in the world will not 100% totally eliminate the possibility of something genetically occurring. We will guarantee the pup against serious congenital defect, as listed in the SMCNA Breed Council and Registry Manual (Appendix H), up to 3 years. We guarantee the pup hip dysplasia free up to 3 years provided the appropriate OFA certification was performed between 2 and 2 ½ years of age. Should your dog develop a serious genetic disease, up documentation by a veterinarian and presented to us with sufficient supporting evidence, the buyer is entitled to:
1) a refund of the original purchase price and the dog must be returned to us,
a refund of ½ the original purchase price and you keep the dog.
Should the dog develop a minor congenital defect, as listed in the SMCNA Breed Council and Registry Manual (Appendix H), prior to reaching 3 years of age, each situation will be handled on a case by case basis upon documentation by a veterinarian in addition to sufficient supporting evidence. In all cases we reserve the right to a second veterinarian opion at our expense.

For this health guarantee to be valid the dog must be registered to and be possession of the original owner.

The puppies will be exposed, at least once and usually multiple times, to water , birds and training pistol fire prior to going to their new homes.

We will do are best to answer any questions you may have about the care and training of your new puppy


Thanksgiving ('06) afternoon hunt
(L to R) Shadow & Adam, Oz & Dan, Ben & Muda

Oz's first goose

What We Expect From Our Buyers

We love our dogs and are very selective with whom and where we place our puppies. We will make offspring available only to good loving homes who hunt extensively. We also require owners agree to test their pups in the Natural Ability Test and/or the Utility Test within the NAVHDA training program. NAVHDA’s comprehensive testing that truly considers versatility in the field provides an excellent base of knowledge from which we can continually evaluate and improve our breeding program. We ask that you keep us up to date on the progress of your pup and inform us immediately of any concerns or problems you are having with raising and training your pup.

If your situation changes and you either cannot or do not want to keep the dog, please let me know. I will assist you in anyway I can to help you find a good home. Just because we don’t own the dog anymore does not mean we stop caring about them.

Send us pics, we will try to post them on this web site and rotate them on a timely basis.


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