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Gambel's Quail hunting in New Mexico
(L to R) Oz, Muda, Axle

Late Dec '07 - Mid Jan '08
Arizona, New Mexico, Texas Quail Hunting Adventure

"After 27 days, 6600 miles, over 70 lbs of dog food and 2 cases
of shells we arrived home to -4°F temperatures and blowing snow.
We knew we were home!"

ARIZONA, South Central (Mearns Quail)

(L to R) Axel, Eric Peters, Rocky, Bill Wyss, Ziggy,
Ben Julson, Muda, Oz

Hunters: Eric Peters, Bill Wyss, Ben Julson, Jim Julson, Dan Julson

  • We hunted twice with Bill Wyss for mearn quail, the pictures below are a mixture of both times
  • On the second occasion we shot morning doves and ducks on the way to hunt mearns.The versatile dogs got a workout that day!
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Ben & Bill

Dan & Bill
Dan in cat claw brush

(L to R) Axel, Rocky, Ziggy, Oz, Muda
Eric, Bill, Dan


Dan & Bill
Mixed bag - Doves, Mearn's, Quail & Wood Ducks
Bill & Dan


Ben & Jim


ARIZONA, Phoenix Area (Gambel's Quail)

Dan, Rocky, & Bill

  • Hunters: Bill Wyss, Dan Julson, Jim Julson
  • Gambel's numbers were down due to multi-year drought
(click on any picture to enlarge)

Abandoned Dugas Ranch

Terrain that is hard on both dog's and man's feet and legs


Oz & Muda

Dan & Bill with Muda, Axle, Oz


Gambel's terrain --- took the munsters a bit to learn to avoid getting too close to cactus (Axel)

ARIZONA, South Central (Mearn's Quail)

Point! Mearn's!
  • Hunters: Dave & Deb Wolf, Ben Julson, Dan Julson, Jim Julson
  • We camped with Dave and Deb and hunted Mearn's quail for 2½ days.
  • We called coyotes one morning, had 2 come in but they didn't offer a shot
  • Mearn's numbers were up due to timely summer rains.


(L to R) Ben, Dan, Deb, Dave
On way to hunting area


On way to hunting spot

Arizona Pinstrips


Don't get lost




Water break - we carried over a gallon of water for people and dogs


Axel, Deb & Jim

Jim & Axle

Noon break
Livestock waterers were handy to cool the dogs


Dan, learned when a covey flushed to keep his gun full and watch where they went.

Break time (Oz & Muda)

Axle's ready!


(L to R) Ben, Muda, Jim, Oz, Dan

What's the plan?

Point! Mearns!

Dan & Oz on search
Illegal's Trash


Dan goes to Mexico
(L to R) Ben, Deb, Dave, Dan


Mexican border

What an experience!

NEW MEXICO (Gambel's, Mearn's, Scaled Quail)

Mark Toffler, Deets & Gunter - Gambel's quail


  • Hunters: Mark Toffler, Dan Julson, Jim Julson
  • Stayed at Klump Ranch in the bootheel of New Mexico and hunted Gambel's, Mearn's and Scaled Quail for 3 days
  • Gambel's numbers were good, Mearn's in isolated spots, scaled quail hit and miss

Klump Ranch house

Cook house

Bunk house where we stayed
Greeter along driveway into Ranch



Welcome waterhole

Levi Klump & Dan discuss the day's strategy

Mearn's in front of Oz - can you find them?

Gould's wild - turkeys

Driveway leaving ranch

Ranch yard
Horses on top - can you see them?
Javelina Dan called back with a predator call
Scaled quail Terrain
Dan on top of the ridge
Mark & Dan take a lunch break
On the way to the Ranch
Animas Mountain
Ranch swimming pool
Mark & Dan - Gunter, Oz, Axle, Muda at the end of successful day

TEXAS, Panhandle (Bobwhite Quail)

Vernon Austin, Dan Julson, Jim Julson, Aaron Holcombe - Noon break


  • Hunters: Vernon Austin, Gene Addington, Aaron Holcombe, Dan Julson, Jim Julson
  • Generally flat range with mesquite brush
  • Use Kubota to follow dogs until they locate a covey & point
  • Shot the covey rise and hunt singles on foot
  • Bobwhite numbers were good

Entrance to Matador lease


Jumping off spot

Chain gang?

Vernon's favorite transportation

Vernon Austin, Dan Julson, Gene Addington, Aaron Holcombe
Noon break
Oz & Muda first morning hunting Bobwhites


  • Hunters: Vernon Austin, Gene Addington, Aaron Holcombe, Dan Julson, Jim Julson
  • Generally draws or brakes from upland down to stream
  • Interspersed CRP, crop land and abandoned farmsteads
  • Bobwhite numbers were excellent

I didn't think it could get any better --- BUT IT DID!

On way to Wellington lease



Gene Addington, Terrain
Noon break

What a morning!

Can't beat this!

How We Traveled

Travel Break

Snack Break


Home made storage area worked well
Dogs stayed in these kennels at night. Chain just an added deterrent

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