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Jim with Jean and Joey from R-Place Kennels

Puppy temperament and aptitude evaluation

Pointing instinct evaluation

We want to do the best job we can helping owners select their new puppy. To that end we have enlisted Jean and Joe Rodriguez, owners of R-Place Kennels, to individually test each of our puppy’s temperament and aptitude, using a method they have developed. Formally and informally they have tested hundreds of litters over the years. We want to ensure as objective an evaluation as possible. By using Jean and Joe’s experience along with their unfamiliarity with the puppies we hope to accomplish that.

Although evaluating a puppy can be a helpful tool in determining the future personality of your new puppy, temperament testing is not a fool-proof method or a guarantee o future performance. Individual results may vary and the testing itself may be skewed by factors such as the puppy being tired, not feeling well, etc.

There a seven parts to this evaluation. The pictures highlight some of the testing.

Develop Is Up To You!

Many factors contribute to the development and shaping the puppy’s personality. For example, you may pick a puppy that scored very high on the trainability indicators of the test, but if you, the new puppy owner, don’t put the time in to do the training, all the trainability in the world isn’t going to do you any good. You may pick a puppy where the testing indicated a very socially adaptable personality, but if you, the new owner, do not put the time in to socialize your new puppy, your puppy will not develop its fullest potential in that area.

As a new puppy owner, you have the responsibility to nurture and care for the development of your new puppy. You have the responsibility of taking your puppy to puppy school or finding other ways to socialize your puppy. Socializing a puppy does not mean turning your puppy out in a free-for-all wrestling match with other puppies and especially not with older dogs that may be too rough and too intimidating for your puppy. Socializing your puppy is a systematic approach to the development of your puppy’s personality. This includes introducing your puppy to new situations and teaching your puppy appropriate behavior using gentle, motivating training techniques. You have the opportunity to develop those traits that you most desire and change those that are less desirable. There is no substitute for time spent with your puppy---training, building rapport and shaping that “want-to” attitude. Getting a good score on a temperament test is only the first step in getting off on the right foot with your new puppy.


Use of nose

Noise sensitivity

Dominance evaluation

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