Current Litters Of Kliene / Small Munsterlander

Since puppies are not always available, we recommend you contact us early to reserve your new hunting partner. Prospective owners who hunt extensively and agree to test their pups in the Natural Ability Test and/or the Utility Test within the NAVHDA testing program or VJP and/or HZP Tests within the JGHV testing program will receive priority.


We are proud to announce the formation of the Julson Kennel/Eiswald Kennel/Dakotas Kennel/Nordenwald Kennel alliance. By combining resources we are able to provide you world class Kleine / Small Munsterlander Gun Dogs and Puppies. With our over 50 years of combined experience hunting and raising Kleine / Small Munsterlander Gun Dogs and our training in animal behaviour we are well qualified to answer your questions, assist you to choose the right pup for you and your family, and help you and your new partner develop into a great team, both in the field and home.

You can contact Julson Kennel (Jim) for information on any of these litters. You can also contact the individual Kennel listed below.

Julson Kennel/Eiswald Kennel/Dakotas Kennel/Nordenwald Kennel alliance

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for current and planned litters

Julson Kennel (Jim) | 1-605-530-0074

Tikka's Litter

Eiswald Kennel (Ryan) | 1-218-844-9158

Breda's Litter

Nordenwald Kennel (Leanne)

No litter currently planned | 1-612-834-8323

Dakotas Kennel (Ben & Sarah)

No litter currently planned | 1-701-318-7899

Stud Dogs

As a breeder with the KlM-GNA breed club I am able to chose from all the stud dogs approved for breeding by KlM-D (The German national Breed club, where the breed originated). This is a listing of many of the best stud dogs in the world with genetic and performance history traceable back for decades.

To see current dogs available, please follow this link: KLM-D Stud Dogs