Expectations From Our Buyers

Thanksgiving 2006 afternoon hunt
Thanksgiving ('06) afternoon hunt
(L to R) Shadow & Adam, Oz & Dan, Ben & Muda
Oz's first goose
Oz's first goose

We love our dogs and are very selective with whom and where we place our puppies. We will make offspring available only to good loving homes who hunt extensively. We also require owners agree to test their pups in the Natural Ability Test and/or the Utility Test within the NAVHDA testing program or VJP and/or HZP Tests within the JGHV testing program. NAVHDA and/or JGHV comprehensive testing which truly considers versatility in the field provides an excellent base of knowledge from which we can continually evaluate and improve our breeding program. We ask that you keep us up to date on the progress of your pup and inform us immediately of any concerns or problems you are having with raising and training your pup.

If your situation changes and you either cannot or do not want to keep the dog, please let me know. I will assist you in any way I can to help you find a good home. Just because we don’t own the dog anymore does not mean we stop caring about them.

Send us pics, we will try to post them on this web site or facebook page and rotate them on a timely basis.