Kleine / Small Munsterlander Gun Dog Breeding Philosophy

Shadow with her litter
Shadow with her litter

Pretty new SM
Pretty New SM


The encompassing philosophy which guides our breeding philosophy is to produce Kleine / Small Munsterlander Gun Dogs that possess the physical and genetic health, character and performance that is the hallmark of the original, "Classic," German Breed.

The Kleine / Small Munsterlander Gun Dog, although a relatively new addition to this country’s versatile dog lineup, is truly a top notch hunting and companion dogs. However, due to the breed’s low population in the USA the ability to outcross breed and maintain the genetic diversity necessary for a healthy breeding population the breed’s long term viable prospects in the USA are limited.

OUR GOAL is to be the premiere breeder of Classic Kleine / Small Munsterlander Gun Dogs in North America. To accomplish this we adhere to the highest standards in HEALTH, CHARACTER and field PERFORMANCE in our breeding stock. We will produce KlM gun dogs that are dynamic and attractive both in and out of the field who are also a joy to be around---a gun dog you can be proud of! Our foundation breeding dogs are whelped, field performance tested and conformation evaluated and approved for breeding in Germany. We coordinate with the parent German breed club, Kleine Munsterlander Deutschland(KlM-D), Breed Commission and Breed Wardens to locate import candidates from premiere lines which have been developed over the past 100 years to be physically and genetically healthy, possess strong character and perform exceptionally in the field. We literally have the best of the best! We accomplish this by importing pregnant older proven bitches that have been mated to mature proven males, After their first litter in the USA we use imported semen from proven top German KlM males for the bitches next litter. The Kleine / Small Munsterlander originated in Germany and has been bred and tested there, with the purpose of refining the breed, for decades. The number of dogs in their breeding program and the data base of records available on each line and dog are immense. By being a member of KlM-Deutschland through Kleine Munsterlander Group North America (KlM-GNA) we have access to a diverse gene pool and the top KlM lines going back decades.

Julson Kennel as a member of Kleine Munsterlander Group North America( KlM-GNA) supports and abides by the breeding and conformational standards established by our parent breed organization KlM-Deutschland(KlM-D) . KIM-GNA as a landesgruppe (regional club) of KIM-D and thus adheres to and practices standardized performance tests and confirmation evaluation. KIM-GNA IS THE ONLY SMALL MUNSTERLANDER BREED ORGANIZATION IN THE USA and CANADA WHOSE BREEDERs ARE ALLOWED TO EVALUATE THEIR DOGS THROUGH THE KIM-D STANDARDIZED PERFORMANCE TESTS AND CONFIRMATION EVALUATION. ONLY THOSE DOGS WHO SATISFACTORILY COMPLETE THE TESTS AND EVLAUATION ARE ALLOWED TO BREED, THUS PERSERVING THE VERSATILITY, CHARACTER AND TEMPERMENT OF THE “CLASSIC” KLEINE MUNSTERLANDER.

NO OTHER SMALL MUNSTERLANDER GROUP, BREED CLUB OR INDIVIDUAL BREEDER in the USA or CANADA OUTSIDE OF KIM-GNA CAN MAKE THIS CLAIM. KIM-GNA breeders and their kennel facilities must meet the highest standards for their dogs and puppies. Kennels and litters are inspected to guarantee adherence. WHY WOULD YOU CONSIDER ANY OTHER SOURCE FOR YOUR CLASSIC KLEINE / SMALL MUNSTERLANDER?

We sell our dogs under a spy/neuter agreement unless the owner has made a previous arrangement. We do this to protect our genetics from being bred without proper attention to the Breeding Regulations of KlM-D ad KlM-GNA.