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5 week old SM

Our Mission

  1. To breed healthy stable Small Munsterlander Pointers that will mature into effective hunting partners and family members.
  2. To continually evaluate and improve our breeding program by:
    • Using NAVHDA testing to establish breeding criteria
    • Mating only parents who have met strict health screening and proven themselves in sanctioned hunt trails and as hunting dogs
  3. To assist owners in selecting their pups using available temperament and aptitude evaluation and provide encouragement and guidance as they train their new hunting partners.




Adam and Shadow coaxing to swim



Water exposure



First exposure to pigeons

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How Do We Accomplish This?

Dogs are not added to our breeding program until they have proven themselves as hunting dogs, have met SMCNA confirmation criteria and strict health screening requirements. They must also have been successfully tested in sactioned hunting trial and testing programs sponsored by organizations like North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). NAVHDA comprehensive testing that truly considers versatility in the field provide an excellent base of knowledge from which we can evaluate and improve our breeding program. It is only through the spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility between the breeder and the owner that continued improvements can be made.

Since our puppies are placed in hunting homes across the USA and Canada, we strongly encourage all pups be run in a NAVHDA Natural Ability Field Evaluation.

The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, NAVHDA, was formed with the sepcific purpose of educating all interested persons in the techniques of training versatile hunting dogs, to conduct tests of versatile hunting dog breeds in North America and to maintain records of such tet for all interested persons. The underlying aim of NAVHDA is to serve the interests of game conservation, the prevention of cruelty of animals, and good sportsmanship by helping the hunter to train his dog to work before and after the shot, on land and in water.

As the owner, testing your pup, you acquire a better trained hunting companion through the preparation for the test as well as improving your dog's hunting ability.

Whether testing, trailing, or hunting, our goal is to product pups, that with proper attention to training will provide years of enjoyment as hunting companions in the field and as personable family members.

Since puppies are not always available, we recommend you contact us early to reserve your new hunting partner. Prospective owners who hunt extensively and agree to test their pups in the Natural Ability Test and/or the Utility Test within the NAVHDA training program will receive priority.

Before puppies leave for their new homes they will be exposed at least once, and usually multiple times, to water, birds, and starter pistol fire.


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I am not warranting the pups sold by these breeders. It is the buyers responsibility to discuss all matters with the breeder prior to purchasing a puppy. This listing is done as a courtesy for the breeders and potential buyers.

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